Scattercreek Junction Antiques

21641 Main Street NE
Aurora, OR 97002
(503) 678-1068

Hours: Daily 11AM to 5PM, Sunday 12PM to 5PM

Cafe: Click here for full menu

Come in and browse through our store, located in the beautiful, historic Jacob Miley house, built in 1865! We have a large first floor, and four rooms full of antiques and collectibles upstairs. Our cafe in the back is always serving tasty treats.

Aurora's History

As a popular National Historic District, Aurora offers a unique story that you will want to experience! Settled in 1856 by a group of Christians who followed their leader Dr. William Keil from Missouri over the Oregon trail, they formed the only successful 19th century utopian community in the west. Mainly German, this group of some 600 souls collectively owned 18,000 acres here and embraced the Golden Rule. The "Colony" lasted until 1883 after Dr. Keil died.

During the years that the group thrived,the people of Aurora Mills or "Dutchtown", at it was also called, were well regarded throughout Oregon. Known particularly for their brass bands with original music, they were also recognized for tidy orchards, fine textile work, handmade furniture and tasty German-style cooking.

Today visitors can experience life in the colony by visiting the Old Aurora Colony Museum's 5-building complex including two furnished colony homes. Many of Aurora's historic buildings are also filled with antiques and speciality shops. The hospitality that began 150 years ago survives today!